Tonight’s NHL Picks- March 21 2014

It’s a quiet night in the NHL tonight, we have one pick going:

Carolina Hurricanes @ Chicago Blackhawks: BLACKHAWKS in regulation 1.74

The Blackhawks have achieved the 2nd place spot in the Central Division standings with a one point lead on the 3rd place Colorado Avalanche. The Blackhawks have an easy opponent here tonight, they won’t want to give the game away and allow the Avalanche to advance up the standings. The Avalanche must face the tough Boston Bruins tonight in what should be one entertaining game. The Hurricanes managed to pull off a 3-1 victory over Columbus on Tuesday, even though they allowed a whopping 47 shots against, while reaching the net with just 20 of their own shots. Before their triumph over Columbus, the Canes lost two in a row, a 1-2 loss to the Edmonton Oilers on Sunday, and a 1-5 blowout via the Boston Bruins on March.16th. Hopefully the Bruins game is an indication of what will happen tonight against another dominant club. The Hurricanes have lost 6 of their last 10 games and are just 30-30-9 on the season with a road record of 13-16-4. The Blackhawks have a tremendous home record of 22-6-7 and an overall record of 40-15-15. The Chicago offense continues to be the most active in the NHL, sitting atop the scoring charts with an average of 3.21 goals per game, however the Bruins are coming very close with 3.20 G/G. The Hurricanes offense ranks just 21st overall with 2.48 goals per game, and have scored 2 goals or less in 4 of their last 10 games. The Carolina offense have scored an average of 2.50 goals per game over their last 10 games, while their defense has allowed 3.00 goals against per game, and ranks just 18th overall allowing 2.78 goals against per game. The Blackhawks defense has been performing great as of late, allowing a mere 1.90 goals against per game over their last 10 games, which is a significant improvement as their defense ranks 9th overall with 2.49 GA/G. The Blackhawks also dominate the Hurricanes on the power play as they are 3rd overall with an impressive 21.2% success rate while the Hurricanes power play is the 2nd worst in the League, an embarrassing 12.7 PP%, and have converted only 8.1% of the time over their last 10 games. The Panthers still hold the last place position although they have finally achieved a double-digit power play (10.5%), for most of the season they were the only club going less than 10% on the power play. The Blackhawks have an easy win here tonight as long as they don’t give the game away. The Hurricanes have just 69 points and are in the 6th place wild card spot which basically means they are essentially not going to make the playoffs this season. The Maple Leafs hold the 1st wild card spot in the Eastern Conference with 80 points, while the Rangers currently hold the last available spot with 78 points. Let’s look for the Blackhawks to get this one wrapped up in 60 minutes tonight.