Sports Betting Software

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If you’re in the market for sports betting software, look no further than Sports Insights, the leader in sports betting software.



Sports Insights has been around for over a decade, providing innovative sports betting software to thousands and thousands of sports bettors big and small.


The Sports Insights sports betting software is web based, therefore there is no bulky software to download, and you are able to access the software anywhere from your web browser.

When you purchase a sports insights subscription, you will also be able to access all the premium features of the Sports Insights mobile app.


Sports Insights has three main components: Sports Insights Sportsbook Insider, Sports Insights Best Bets, and Bet Labs.

Sports Insights Sportsbook Insider


The sportsbook insider literally provides you with insights into everything affecting line movements at the major sports books.

Odds from 40+ Sportsbooks


Sports Insights allows you view live odds across 40+ sportsbooks. You can see every line change in real time, allowing you to find the best odds for your selection. 

Instant line changes (1 second ago) are highlighted in bright red/orange so you can’t miss them. The line will momentarily change to yellow, indicating that there was a recent line change. You are also able to filter which sports books appear on your Sports Insights dashboard, and in what order.

Injuries, weather & more


Receive breaking injury reports as well as the latest weather forecasts and updates. Injuries and weather are crucial to your handicapping.

 Line Prediction Tool


Another valuable feature Sports Insights offers is their line prediction tool. The line prediction tool utilizes an advanced computer model that is able to predict line movements before they happen.

The line predictor tool will point either up or down, indicating where they expect the line to move, and it will also indicate how confident they are that the line will move, expressed as a percentage.

The line prediction tool is very easy to use, simply hover your mouse over the arrow and the software will indicate which direction they expect the line to move, to what odds, and how confident the software is that this will actually happen. (Example: 95% confidence that Tampa Bay Lightning will go to -125.)

 Line History


If you click on any given line, you will instantly be able to see line history, and you are able to filter across the 40+ sports books data that is covered by sports insights. You are also able to select between the 1st half, game, quarters etc. You also have the ability to select between the spread, money line and total, alternate spreads etc.

 Line Watcher


This feature is arguably one of the most important. The line watcher will alert you (select between system pop-up, email alert etc), whenever your selection reaches the odds that you desire, at the sports book of your choice. This can save you plenty of time, as you don’t have to sit there watching your sports book waiting for the odds to change. Set your selection and desired odds and the line watcher will automatically send you an email or a pop up alert. You are able to track lines for the entire game, or by halves and quarters only.

Sports Insights Best Bets


Sports Insights Best Bets are hand picked by the Sports Insights team, and are what they consider to be the most (potentially) profitable plays of the day.

The team utilizes over a decade and a half of data along with their personal handicapping experience. Best Bets will be emailed to you throughout the day as soon as they are ready.

Sports Insights Bet Labs


You’ve probably heard us talk about Bet Labs before. Bet Labs is a sensational piece of software (also web based) that allows you to build data driven sports betting systems, from over a decade of data. The latest edition to Bet Labs is the “think tank”, which allows bet labs users to share their winning sports betting systems to other Bet Labs users. You can also share your own systems, and copy other users winning betting systems.