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An affordable, yet professional approach to handicapping.

Some handicappers charge between $200- $500+ for  30-days worth of picks. Heck, some of them have the nerve to charge $100 for a single pick!

No sports bettor  out there can realistically pay that kind of money and earn a profit on the season. Paying copious amounts of money for your picks means you have to have a large bankroll to offset the cost of the picks.

We aren't here to take your money and run. We're here to provide an honest service for our clients, to build long-term relationships spanning many seasons to come.



What types of bets do we make?

To be clear, we don't bet, just to "bet". All too often, online "handicappers" will give clients a plethora of picks per day, most (if not all) at negative expected value. How can you possibly find legitimate +EV  in several games each and every day? 


If there's one game on tv tonight, we will not make a bet just to have action in the game. We bet when we find positive expected value (+EV). We may find several +EV plays per day, or we may not find any value on any given day. That said, you can expect to see bets from us in each of these categories, but don't expect us to ever force a play just for the sake of making a "bet":

Money Line, Puck Line, Game Total, Team Totals, 1st Period, Player vs Player props, Playoff Series

The two guarantees in life...

Many of you have heard this famous statement before. There's only two guarantees in life, death and taxes. We will all eventually pass on one day, and we will pay a boat load in taxes before that day comes.

No, we can not guarantee you that our picks will win. Again, there's only two guarantees in life. Professional Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to handicap, due to the fast paced action of the game, and parity. We can find the +EV play, make the play, and still lose because the game just didn't play out the way it should have. Making a good, solid +EV play and losing does not mean we made the wrong selection. Making a bad, -EV play and winning that play still does NOT make that a sound play. 




What we CAN guarantee...

We CAN guarantee you that we will continue to work our hardest at handicapping hockey to produce solid +EV plays for clients, and ourselves. Keep in mind, our money is on the line too. Each and every pick released to our clients is an actual bet placed at an actual sports book. If you win, we win, if you lose, we lose too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • q-iconHow Do I Get the Picks?

    Once payment is approved,  enter your name and email into our sign up box and you will be instantly added to our premium picks email list. The picks and write-ups are emailed to you daily, and you will receive them for 30 days.

  • q-iconAre there any extra fees?

    NO! Your one-time purchase will grant you access to our Premium Picks AND BONUS system picks for 30 days. You are charged one time only and there are no recurring charges. If you wish to continue receiving our picks after 30 days, simply sign up again!

  • q-iconWhy is your price so low compared to other handicappers?

    Some handicappers charge around, and even over, $500 monthly for their picks! This is far too expensive and no bettors can realistically pay this and actually earn a profit. By keeping our rate low we are able to offer our services to a variety of bettors, not just the ones with five-figure bankrolls, and we increase the chances of all clients having a profitable season, regardless of their bankroll size.

  • q-iconIs my payment information safe?

    Absolutely! Your payment is processed using Click Bank’s secure server. We never see your payment information. Also, you are able to pay with Pay Pal! You are charged one time only, if you wish to continue after 30 days simply sign up again!

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