NHL Betting Guide

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NHL Total Goals (Over/Under) Explained

Betting NHL Total Goals offers a different type of bet, you aren’t picking a team to win, rather you are deciding whether the total amount of goals scored in the game will be over or under a number set by your sports book. This number will usually be either 5.5, or 5.

The number of goals is the total combined goals by both teams. You must select either over or under the total goals. If the line is 5.5, and you wish to wager on the over, the total combined goals of the game must be 6 or more. If the game ended it 5 goals, a wager on the under would win, because 5 goals is less than 5.5 goals. The .5 is put there to help prevent ties, since it is impossible to score half of a goal.

If you wager Over or Under 5 goals, it is possible to tie, since the game could end with exactly 5 goals scored. If this happens, it will be considered a tie, and your bets should be refunded. 

NHL Team Totals

Instead of wagering on the total goals scored by both teams, NHL Team Totals allow you to wager on the total goals scored by one team only.

Live Total Goals Betting

You can also bet totals live as the game happens! The total goals will adjust accordingly as the game is played. If the game has gone 2 periods, and no goals are scored, the total will obviously not still be set at 5.5, it will drop to a number like Over/Under 1.5 . On the other hand, if there are goals being scored constantly, the total may jump up to 10, or even 15 points. These are the factors that make Live Betting so exciting.

 NHL 1st Period Totals

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