NHL Betting Guide

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NHL Puck Line Betting Explained

A Puck Line is a little different than a money line, in that one team has 1.5 points added to their final score, and the other team has 1.5 points subtracted from their final score. A puck line is actually a spread, similar to a football spread or a baseball spread. The main difference is that the puck line is most often set at 1.5 points.


 The “underdog” will always have 1.5 points added to their score. This is the same team that pays more for a money line wager. With these 1.5 points added, the underdogs score must be higher than the other teams scoreboard score. If you place a wager on the favorite -1.5, then they must win by at least 2 goals. Removing 1.5 points means if the team wins by only 1 point, they will lose for betting purposes by .5 points, and a wager on the underdog +1.5 points would win.


Example: Montreal +1.5   Ottawa -1.5 : Montreal is the underdog, and Ottawa is the favorite.


The game ends with a final score of Ottawa 5 Montreal 4


Any wagers on Ottawa -1.5 would lose, because Ottawa only won by 1 point. When you remove 1.5 points from Ottawa’s final score, they lose to Montreal’s score of 4 by .5 points. ( 5 – 1.5 = 3.5 ) Ottawa 3.5 Montreal 4


Any wagers on Montreal +1.5 would win, because when you add the 1.5 points to Montreal’s final score, they “win” by .5 points.  ( 4 + 1.5 = 5.5) Montreal 5.5, Ottawa 5


You can also often adjust the puck line, by adding or removing points. If you think a team can win by more than the standard 1.5 puck line, you can select more points, like -2, or -2.5. This works the same for the underdog, you can add points, and change the line to +2, +2.5 or similar.

Live Puck Line Betting

Live Puck Line betting can be very exciting. You are betting on the game as it happens in front of your eyes. The puck line can change all the time during live betting. If a team is up by 2 or 3 goals, the line could be something like -2.5 or -3. You can find Live NHL Betting at BetOnline.ag.