NHL Betting Guide

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NHL Futures Explained

NHL Futures offer an exciting alternative to regular NHL Betting. Listed below are all the types of NHL futures wagers you can find at Bet Online.ag.

NHL Futures: Regular Season Points (Over/Under)

You can wager on any particular NHL team to have over or under a specific number of points by the end of the regular season. Note that this wager requires a team to play 82 games for action.


Below is a list of each NHL team and the total points listed at Bet Online.ag. for the 2013/14 season:


Anaheim Ducks: 90.5 points

Boston Bruins: 102.5 points

Buffalo Sabres: 83.5 points

Calgary Flames: 74.5 points

Carolina Hurricanes: 84.5 points

Chicago Blackhawks: 105.5 points

Colorado Avalanche: 86.5 points

Columbus Blue Jackets: 85.5 points

Dallas Stars: 86.5 points

Detroit Red Wings: 97.5 points

Edmonton Oilers: 89.5 points

Florida Panthers: 75.5 points

LA Kings: 98.5 points

Minnesota Wild: 94.5 points

Montreal Canadiens: 94.5 points

Nashville Predators: 84.5 points

NJ devils: 79.5 points

NY Islanders: 89.5 points

NY Rangers: 98.5 points

Ottawa Senators: 93.5 points

Philadelphia Flyers: 92.5 points

Phoenix Coyotes: 85.5 points

Pittsburgh Penguins: 108.5 points

San Jose Sharks: 94.5 points

St.Louis Blues: 99.5 points

Tampa Bay Lightening: 88.5 points

Toronto Maple Leafs: 95.5 points

Vancouver Canucks: 95.5 points

Washington Capitals: 93.5 points

Winnipeg Jets: 82.5 points


NHL Conference Winner

 NHL Conference Futures allow you to wager on a team to win their conference: Eastern Conference winner, and Western Conference winner. The odds range from 2.5/1 (Pittsburgh & Chicago) to 50/1 (Buffalo, Florida & Calgary) to win their conferences respectively. 

These futures will stay open for betting through the season, with the odds adjusting accordingly as the season progresses.

Some sports books will also offer wagering on NHL Division Winner, where a bettor can pick a winner for each division: Atlantic Division, Metropolitan Division, Central Division, and Pacific Division

 NHL Stanley Cup Winner

Think you know who is going to win it all? You can place a wager on the winner of the Stanley Cup with odds over 100 to 1! These futures also will run for the duration of the season with the odds adjusting based on each teams performance throughout the season.