NHL Betting Guide

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NHL Betting: Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management is important no matter what sport you are betting on. With hockey betting, proper bankroll management is crucial to having a profitable NHL season. You can’t make it through a whole season if you blow your bankroll the first week.

Bankroll Management 101

1) Choose your starting bankroll.

Deposit the necessary funds into your sports book account and this will be your hockey bankroll.


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All Free Picks we release will be 2 unit picks (unless otherwise noted), which are 2% of your bankroll. So the general rule of thumb is to bet 2% on each pick unless we say otherwise.


Example: You have a $2500 Bankroll for hockey betting. Since we are wagering 2% of our bankroll, or 2 units on each pick, your wager for each pick should be $50 (2% of $2500). If you don’t have a $2500 bankroll, just multiply your bankroll by .02 to get 2%.


From time to time, there may be larger plays like 5 unit plays (5% of bankroll) but that is because we feel a particular play is very strong and thus we risk slightly more for that play. We do not recommend ever placing a wager of more than 5% of your bankroll on any one pick.


2) Don’t deviate from the plan! All too often, bettors let their emotions get the better of them; for example: if we have a winning weekend and maybe finish 3-0 or something, a bettor can get over confident, and will end up betting half or maybe even all of their bankroll on the next pick. Guess what? There is no guarantee that wager will win, and if it doesn’t, you just lost most or all of your bankroll. If you were placing the standard 2 unit wager and a play doesn’t win, you are only down 2 units, or 2% of your bankroll. Always stick to the plan, and never let your emotions get the better of you!


3) You can’t (and won’t) win them all!

No matter who you are, what betting system(s) you have, and no matter how many expert picks you are following, you will never win 100% of your wagers. In fact, you won’t even come close. Did you know, the average win percentage for sports betting is only between 54%-60% (60% being HUGE). Don’t expect to win them all, and don’t get upset when you don’t.