NHL Betting Guide

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NHL 1st Period Betting Explained

1st Period Betting offers you the ability to wager on the outcome of  the 1st period of play. The 2nd and 3rd period outcomes do not matter; these wagers are only valid for the first 20 minutes of play.

1st Period Betting: Money Line

1st Period Money Line betting offers you the ability to decide who will win the first period. Whoever has a higher score at the end of the first period will be the winner of the 1st period money line.

1st Period Betting: Puck Line

Just like the 1st period money line, the Puck Line will offer the bettor a chance to decide who will win the first period with points added or subtracted. The puck line for 1st period betting is typically set at +0.5 and -0.5. If you choose a team to win the 1st period with -0.5 points, it means they must win the first period by at least one goal. If the 1st period were a tie, a wager on -0.5 would lose, because the team has lost by 0.5 points.

If you chose a team +0.5 points for the first period, the team must win the period, or tie the 1st period. If the team ties the first period, a wager with +0.5 points would win, because that team would be ahead by 0.5 points.

However, you may not always see +0.5 or -0.5 for the 1st period puck line. Sometimes, the puck line will be listed as “pk” for both teams. You are probably wondering what does “pk” mean and how does it work.

Example: 1st period Puck Line:

  Toronto pk     Florida pk

 “pk” or ”pick’em’ simply means that the teams are considered equal, and neither team has any points added or subtracted. In reality, there is no puck line. This is essentially a money line wager, just listed differently. No team has any points added or subtracted, you are just picking one team to win the first period straight up.

1st Period Betting: Total Goals

The total goals for the 1st period are usually listed at 1.5 goals, and you must decide whether the first period’s total goals will be over or under 1.5 goals.