Draft Kings Fantasy Hockey Guide

Draft Kings Fantasy Hockey Guide


Draft Kings offers a variety of NHL contests, entry fees ranging from FREE to $530.

Each contest will have a maximum number of entries (some are unlimited); contest will be either single-entry contests or multi-entry contests.


Single entry means each user can only enter the contest once, while multi-entry contest will allow more than one entry. Multi-entry contests can either have a maximum number of entries, or can be unlimited.


Guaranteed Contests


Draft Kings NHL guaranteed contests offer prizes that are guaranteed to pay out regardless of whether the contest fills or not.


NHL 6K Sniper ($6,000 Guaranteed): Gain a FREE ENTRY

This contest has a guaranteed prize pool of $6,000, with 3450 maximum entrants. The entry fee is normally $2.00, however you can earn yourself a free entry! Just follow this link, create an account, and make a first time deposit and you will gain free entry into the NHL 6K Sniper !


Qualifier Contests

Qualifier (or satellite) contests allow you to play for the chance to win a ticket that will allow entry into a tournament with a bigger entry fee. An example would be to enter a $12 Ticket Satellite for an entry fee of $2. The prize awarded is a $12 ticket which can be used to enter several different $12 contests. A $2, $12 ticket satellite contest has 14 entrants and 1st and 2nd place both receive $12 tickets.

Multi-sport Satellites

Draft Kings also offers $2 NHL satellites to the NFL $2.2 million money maker tournament! Put your fantasy hockey skills to the test and win a chance to play for millions of dollars in prizes in this NFL contest!

Head to Head Contests

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Head to head contests allow you to compete against one other person, with the winner claiming the prize!

50/50 Contests

The top 50% of all entrants in a 50/50 contest win the same prize, with the bottom 50% winning nothing at all. Whether your place 1st or 50th in a 100 person contest, you win the same amount.

How Draft Kings Works: Drafting Your 9 Player Team


Your team’s roster must consist of 9 players (8 skaters and 1 goaltender). You must select the following from at least three NHL teams. You cannot use the same player twice on one roster, however, you can use the same player across multiple rosters.


The 9 positions you must fill are:


WINGER X3 (Choose three skaters that are either LW or RW)


CENTER X2 (Choose two centers)


DEFENSE X2 (Choose two defensemen)


GOALIE X1 (Choose one goaltender)


UTIL X1 (Fill this position with any skater other than a goalie)


Staying Under the Salary Cap

Well it would just be too easy if we could fill our 9 team rosters with all of the hottest players. This is not possible however due to the salary cap. You must stay under the $50,000 salary cap for your roster. If you go over the cap, you must make adjustments until you are cap compliant. It is OK to stay under the cap if you choose.

How Draft Kings Works: How to Acquire Fantasy Points

 At this point you are probably wondering how to earn points. This will be outlined for you below.


Scoring Draft Kings Fantasy Points 


Goals = 3 points


Assists= 2 points


Shots on goal and blocked shots= 0.5 points (half-point)


Short Handed Point Bonus (for goal or assist)= 1 point


Goal scored during shootout= 0.2 points


Hat Trick Bonus= 1.5 points


Goalie Scoring.


Goalie wins the game= 3 points


Every Save= 0.2 points


Goal Against= MINUS 1 point (-1)


Shutout Bonus= 2 Points*

*It is considered a shutout if the goalie completes regulation and overtime without allowing any goals. The goalie must complete the entire game to qualify for a shutout.



Tips For Selecting Your Players

Along with the players salary, you will also find the “FPPG” column, which is the average amount of fantasy points per game that this player earns. You can sort through each column by clicking the heading, by fewest to highest, or vice versa. You must attempt to acquire the best roster possible while staying under the $50,000 cap. You can often find a bargain on players that are acquiring lots of points but are cheaper than other well-known players.

You cannot substitute a player once his game begins. You can edit players in and out of your roster right up until the start of their game.


Watch Out for Injuries!

Be careful not to select a player that is injured, and use caution when selecting any player that might be probable, or questionable. Once the game that your player is in starts, that player will be locked and you can no longer remove them from your roster. If the game starts and your player doesn’t play (or leaves the game before acquiring any points), you won’t acquire any points for that player and you can’t substitute him.