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New to betting? Check out our NHL Betting Guide, where you can about the three types of betting odds, proper bankroll management,as well as the types of bets offered by sports books.


Our Draft Kings Fantasy Hockey Guide contains everything you will need to know to begin playing daily fantasy hockey over at Draft Kings. Learn how daily fantasy hockey works, how to build your roster, how to score fantasy points. You can begin practicing for free with a free contest (some of which offer real prizes), while you can also play for real money. The Draft Kings fantasy hockey world championship gets underway in March, live in Vegas. Qualify now and earn your seat!

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NHL Betting Guide: How to bet on the NHL

If you are new to NHL Betting (or are new to sports betting in general) and are not sure how to bet on hockey, no problem. You can read our NHL Betting Guide, loaded with NHL betting tips designed to teach you how to begin betting on the NHL in no time!

Topics Covered in our NHL Betting Guide:

Bankroll Management: Learn about proper bankroll management.

NHL Betting Odds Explained: American Odds, Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds

Puck Line Betting Explained: Learn How to Bet the NHL Puck Line!

Money Line Betting Explained: It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Total Goals Betting Explained: Learn about betting NHL totals.

1st Period Betting Explained: Wager on the outcome of the 1st period only.

NHL Futures Explained: Conference Winner, Stanley Cup Winner and more!


NHL Betting Sites

To ensure you always get the best odds when betting on any outcome, you will need accounts at multiple sports books. New bettors can also take advantage of sports book bonuses, but be sure to read the terms and conditions so they suit your needs. For instance, a bettor can receive a 50% bonus at Bet Online, but there is a 10% rollover requirement. This isn't a big deal when betting a whole season as it isn't hard to meet the rollover requirement with an 82 game season, plus the post season, along with any other sports bet at that book. Take advantage of the generous one time 50% deposit bonus at Bet Online.  


Draft Kings Fantasy Hockey Guide

Draft Kings offers a variety of NHL contests, entry fees ranging from FREE to $530.


Each contest will have a maximum number of entries (some are unlimited); contest will be either single-entry contests or multi-entry contests.


Single entry means each user can only enter the contest once, while multi-entry contest will allow more than one entry. Multi-entry contests can either have a maximum number of entries, or can be unlimited.


Click here to read the entire Draft Kings Fantasy Hockey Guide


Sports Betting Software

If you're in the market for sports betting software, look no further than Sports Insights, the leader in sports betting software.



Sports Insights has been around for over a decade, providing innovative sports betting software to thousands and thousands of sports bettors big and small.


The Sports Insights sports betting software is web based, therefore there is no bulky software to download, and you are able to access the software anywhere from your web browser.

When you purchase a sports insights subscription, you will also be able to access all the premium features of the Sports Insights mobile app.


Sports Insights has three main components: Sports Insights Sportsbook Insider, Sports Insights Best Bets, and Bet Labs. [Read More...]


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4) Where can I Bet on these picks?
 We highly recommend choosing BetOnline for your NHL action. A few reasons why may include: Great odds (often you can find the same or better odds than the "reduced juice" books, Early Lines (they release lines very early, often several hours before most other books), Exceptional promotions which are very helpful to new bettors (Promotions like a 25% deposit bonus, Free bets & more).

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